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Category Archives: Travel

Sonia & Kenny- Dreams Do Come True- New York Fall Engagement Photos- Central Park & Brooklyn

I love New York. So much so that one time my friend and I opted for a 24 hour layover there “on the way” to Aruba. If geography is not your strong suit, like me, New York is not even a little bit “on the way” from Los Angles to Aruba. But nonetheless, we managed […]

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Vintage Travel Save the Dates

Josh & Kristin, You are getting a lot of air time on my blog these days.  But you guys are so cool I can’t help it!  I loved the save the dates that you guys sent out!  I loved them so much they got their own photo shoot. 🙂 You guys are a great example […]

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Come Fly With Me

Dear Josh & Kristin, When Karey first called me to tell me that you were looking for a photographer I was excited.  I would finally get to meet this “Josh & Kristin” that I had heard so much about.  I thought you must be OK if you were such good friends with Karey. 🙂  But […]

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The End of the Road- Sevilla

We’re to the last stop of our Spain adventure.  (say it isn’t so!)  Sevilla. Our first stop was the Alcazar, a beautiful Islamic palace.  The grounds were gorgeous.  I loved the Jacaranda trees. While we were eating lunch outside it started to rain.  HARD.  Luckily we were under a tarp, but we watched as people […]

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Arcos de la Frontera- A photographer’s feast!

Because of our crazy adventure in Morocco, and the ferry ride from hell, we ended up leaving Tarifa much later than we had anticipated. We were headed to Arcos de la Frontera for the night. The place we were staying said that we needed to check in by 10pm, but at this point, even though […]

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One CRAZY adventure!- Tarifa & Tangier, Morocco

Alrighty… we’ve got 3 more cities to visit in Spain. Technically 4, but I wasn’t very impressed by one of them so it doesn’t get it’s own post. 🙂 I could have stayed in Ronda and relaxed for a couple more days, but we still had more of the country to see. So we hit […]

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Ronda, Spain- A sweet surprise

You know… I realized that I never finished blogging my trip to Spain.  So I’m determined to finish before the end of the year! When last we checked in on this traveling duo, they were in Granada.  We had decided that we would rent a car for part of our trip so we could see […]

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New Fine Art Site

Lately I’ve had some people email me, asking about purchasing some of my travel photos.  That’s such a wonderful compliment!  Well now you can! Da da da da!!!!!! (That’s my best trumpet impersonation) I am pleased to announce the launch of Jen Disney Fine Art.  It’s very exciting for me and feels a little bit […]

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Granada… and a little bit of Madrid

Ready for more Spain?  Alrighty!  Well I have to back up a little.  Before we went to Cordoba, we did stay one night in Madrid.  I skipped over it before because I really don’t have that many photos from there.  It wasn’t my favorite city by any means.  Just big and crowded.  So here’s what […]

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